Sandra in Texas

Skin Lesion involving the Perrin’s Blend, from Sandra in Texas.

I ordered the first jar of Perrins Blend on 3/10/13 along with the Grape seed. My husband was diagnosed with Basal and they said he had gotten it when he was a child! They wanted to remove it immediately. He first noticed a small growth on his cheek in 2004. He just ignored it for years as it continued to grow. When he went to the doctor, it was the size of a nickel.

I started putting it on his face on 3/13/13. Within 1 week, it started getting flat as it was fairly bumpy. I put it on his face every day and cover it with a bandaid. We should have bought stock in Johnson & Johnson!

It is true about the skin around it looking red but that is going away. It is almost flat now but there are still times when it itches and he can get more white stuff from it. But now, it happens less and in fewer areas. This product is FANTASTIC and we do recommend it to others. I am ordering the 2nd jar even though the first one isn't finished yet...don't want to run out. Thank you so very much for this product. It saved us a lot of money for the surgery but most important, surgery wasn't necessary!! I really did not want him to go through that and to have an ugly scar.

I will let you know his future progress.