History of Perrin Naturals

Our Story

Perrin Naturals was founded in 2005 by Jim and Judy Perrin, and their son, James.

We didn’t start out as the typical skin care company.  What drove us to create the first product that was to be the start of Perrin Naturals (Perrin's Blend), grew of the necessity to naturally treat a visually diagnosed skin cancer, and what informed the development of our future product line was a natural cancer treatment.

In the year 2000, Jim Perrin developed a visually diagnosed squamous cell carcinoma on his ear.  Judy, his wife, was able to remove it with a mixture of grape seed extract, honey, vitamin C and E, and grape seed oil.  This mixture was subsequently used to remove various skin growths by people who were close to the family.  In 2005, the decision was made to offer this mixture to the public and it was simply named Perrin’s Blend. 

About a year later, Jim Perrin was diagnosed with an aggressive bladder cancer.  He was given about a year to live.  After chemotherapy and radiation didn’t work, he went on a natural cancer fighting regimen incorporating an array of vitamins, antioxidants, and plant extracts.  Jim was able to put the cancer into remission and live another 15 years with this treatment.  These substances consisting of vitamins, antioxidants, and botanicals informed our future line of skin care products.  

After selling Perrin’s Blend for a couple of years we began to see others have success. Around this time, our customers started asking if we would create other skin care products.  Incorporating the knowledge we gathered from Jim’s cancer treatment, we started to formulate other products, using many of the same vitamins, antioxidants, and botanicals that Jim had taken.  It was a simple assumption: if these substances can be so beneficial to our internal organs, then they have to be beneficial to the skin, our largest organ.  And, the best part is, we are applying these substances directly to the area of concern.  There is no lack of absorption due to the complex process of internal digestion.   So, we created products that we wanted to use ourselves; products that would help our skin.  To aid in the cause, both Jim and Judy were older, 65 and 70, and had sun-damage areas and age spots.  They proved to be the perfect test subjects for these products. 

Over the next few years, the therapeutic results of these products were astounding.  Customer testimony after customer testimony poured in.  We would be emailed detailed testimonials from customers, and sometimes even receive hand-written letters.  This was before someone could leave a one or two sentence review on various platforms on the internet.  People would email us about the success they had using our products on conditions of which we had never even heard.

So today, as we continue to develop products, even those more tailored to a beauty line, the primary driving force is how we answer this question: how are the ingredients going to preserve our healthy skin, correct and restore damaged skin, fight aging and diseased skin, and help people to feel and look healthier and beautiful?


Jim Perrin's Skin Cancer:

The First Testimony of Perrin's Blend, written by Jim Perrin.

'My skin lesion vanished! 3 days before surgery it just fell off ...'

In January of 2000, a tiny flaky spot, which had been on my ear for several months, erupted into a black crusty sore the size and shape of a large kidney bean. Seeing no improvement after treating it with commercial ointments, I went to my family physician on February 18, 2000. At one glance he said he had no doubt it was cancer (squamous cell carcinoma), and if 'this thing' were on his ear he wouldn't wait for a biopsy report, he would see a surgeon as soon as possible. An appointment was made for March 2, 2000, for consultation with a plastic surgeon.

In his medical report for that visit this doctor wrote, 'I am going to refer him to a plastic surgeon. The size of it as well as where it is located, I feel it needs more than just simple biopsy; so will make arrangements for him to see (surgeon's name) as soon as possible.' Though no biopsy was ever done, this doctor as well as the surgeon declared it was cancer.

That night of February 18, my wife and I attended a prayer meeting. I requested prayer for my cancer. The next morning my wife suddenly said she knew what to put on it. We purchased the ingredients we didn't have on hand and formulated the balm now known as Perrin's Blend-Antioxidant Skin Care. Each day my wife plastered the affected area with this mixture and put a bandage strip over it. I also began taking supplements of grapeseed extract orally.

The cancer began to shrink.

By the time I saw the surgeon the malignancy, while still jet black and crusty, was now round and reduced to the size of a pencil eraser. When I told the surgeon how much smaller it had become, he insisted it was still cancer and that it must be removed right away. The operation, he said, would require a skin graft from my leg to remake the ear. The surgery was set for later that month. In the meantime, while my wife continued applying Perrin's Blend to the abrasion, I continued taking grapeseed extract supplements. It kept shrinking. Three days before the scheduled surgery it dropped off completely. My ear was perfectly normal!

No sign of cancer remained

Immediately I made an appointment with my family physician. Of course he was astounded. This is what he wrote in his medical report for this visit, March 14, 2000, 'Had a skin lesion on last visit on his right ear that looked terrible. I really thought he had a skin cancer. Referred to him to (surgeon's name) and they have done all of the paper work and the evaluation. Had him scheduled for surgery and he honestly healed itself. He is (in) today to show me.'

Perrin's Blend Worked Again.

In 2004, I had an abrasion on my scalp turn black and crusty. It looked like a black wart. After applying Perrin's Blend covering it with a bandage strip, and taking grape seed extract orally, it also was healed without one trace of its having ever been there.

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