Rob in Oregon

Basal Cell Carcinoma, From Rob in Oregon.

Dear Judy,

As promised, here is my email describing my great results from using your product:

I've had 5 skin cancers -- all confirmed by biopsy. The latest lesion, a basal cell cancer, was on my right ear. My dermatologist wanted me to do another MOHS surgery to remove it. I found your product on the internet, spoke to you (you were gracious and very informative) and ordered the Perrin's Blend.

I followed the instructions, and within a week I saw a significant reduction in the lesion. I continued applying the blend for a total of one month. I went back to the dermatologist and he confirmed that there is no sign of cancer -- in fact, no evidence of any problem at all.

A friend is now using your blend on a growth on his eyebrow. I will let you know his results.

You may use this email on your website.

Thanks again,