Bergamot Citrus Soap

Bergamot Citrus All Natural Soap - 84% organic
Bergamot Citrus Natural Soap: Bright and Refreshing with Orange, Lemon, and Bergamot.

    Bergamot Citrus

    Bright and Refreshing with Orange, Lemon, and Bergamot.

    84% Organic.  

    Indulge in the refreshing and invigorating scent of our all-natural Bergamot Citrus. Crafted with a harmonious blend of Bergamot, Lemon, and Orange, this soap offers a delightful citrus aroma that uplifts your senses. A subtle "kiss" of Cassia adds a warm, spicy undertone, creating a uniquely balanced fragrance. Experience the rejuvenating and cleansing power of nature with every use, and enjoy the luxurious feel of this exquisite, all-natural soap.


    All-natural, handmade SHEA-BUTTER  soap. Rich, nourishing vegetable oils. Natural herbs, grains, and clays. Pure essential oils. Biodegradable. Vegetarian. Long-lasting. Creates billowy clouds of lather on your skin. Step up to the goodness and richness of what handmade soap is all about. Your skin will thank you.


    • We use only premium oils as a base.  
    • Our handmade soap is made from organic ingredients whenever possible.
    • Dry skin will appreciate the relief.
    • Our colors are naturally derived from the goodness of the earth. Herbs, grains, and clays.  
    • No synthetic fragrance. No flashy mineral pigments. No GMO Soy.  No Synthetic Anything.
    • Our soap is excellent for those with sensitivities, skin problems, and allergies, depending on the person and the soap.

    Ingredients: Saponified Oils (Organic Palm Oil**, Organic Coconut Oil*, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil), Natural Fragrance Oil Blend (Lemon Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Cassia Essential Oil, Natural Fragrance), Iron Oxide. **Fair Trade, Sustainable-Palm Done Right, *Fair Trade. 84% organic ingredients.


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