2 Creme Complete | Refinement

Creme Complete Refined
Natural Skin Cream - Creme Complete
Aloe Vera, Antioxidants, Vitamins
Beautiful Skin
Creme Complete Refined Restorative Moisturizer
The Perfect Base For a Moisturizing Cream
Antioxidants and Vitamins. AntiAging
Creme Complete Refined
Natural Skin Cream - Creme Complete
Aloe Vera, Antioxidants, Vitamins
Beautiful Skin
Creme Complete Refined Restorative Moisturizer
The Perfect Base For a Moisturizing Cream
Antioxidants and Vitamins. AntiAging
Creme Complete–Refined Formula Discounted $12 to $93.98

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    •A superior form of Vitamin C: Ethyl L Ascorbic Acid

    •More Biotin, more Alpha Lipoic Acid, more Resveratrol, more Vitamin D3

    •Almond Oil replaced with Organic Jojoba 

    •A refined selection of Essential Oils.





    A natural multi-faceted approach to skin rejuvenation and restoration.

    A corrective, restorative formula for sun-damaged skin, rosacea, brown spots, lichen sclerosus, abnormal skin tissue, and overall skin health.


    The Creme Complete contains the greatest combination and highest concentration of restorative and corrective ingredients of any of our creams and moisturizers. The Crème Complete is completely natural.  The Crème Complete restores, moisturizes, and protects.

    • Sun-damage has been reversed. Brown spots from sun exposure have returned to normal, healthy looking skin.
    • Actinic keratosis has been corrected.
    • Lichen Sclerosus has been put into remission, and the skin rebuilt. Many of our customers are referred to us by their doctors, without us ever soliciting the doctors.

    About some of the ingredients:

    • Resveratrol and grape seed extract help to stifle the growth of abnormal skin cells, and encourage an apoptosis (a dying off) of those cells.
    • Alpha lipoic acid helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
    • CoQ10 helps to restore proper cellular function.
    • An array of antioxidants to fight free-radical damage: CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, N-acetyl cysteine, vitamin C (the superior form of Ethyl-L-Ascorbic Acid), and natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) , grape seed extract, resveratrol.

    Refining the formula:


    Around 2008, we first developed the basic formula of what was to become the Crème Complete.  We made adjustments over the next year or so, but since then, very little has changed in the formula other than things like: slightly increasing antioxidant content, adjusting essential oil amounts for a better scent, and switching some of the ingredients to organic.

    That was almost 15 years ago and we have learned a lot since then. We have learned what people like and dislike, while also learning what makes the Crème Complete good product and what would make it a better product.

    In light of better knowledge, we will be making the following adjustments:

    •We have switched the Almond oil to organic Jojoba oil.  This makes a slightly less greasy product while also eliminating an allergen (almonds) for many people.

    •We have removed the Retinol (Vitamin A).  Retinol can be an irritant to some people, but we never put much in the product anyway; it was initially added to provide minor supplementation for the skin.  We have come to believe the amount we use doesn't really provide many of the benefits people associate with standard retinol serums, and could give a negative impression to people who would rather not have the Retinol in the product.  Also, Retinol needs a higher PH level to be most effective, which is higher than the Crème Complete. There are plenty of Retinol creams on the market that people can use (and we may eventually offer one of our own).

    •While eliminating the Retinol, we have increased the Vitamin D and Biotin amounts.

    •We have also increased Resveratrol by about 10%.  (This has happened incrementally over the past year).

    •We have increased the Alpha Lipoic Acid by about 5% (also incrementally over the past year).

    •We have switched to a better form of Vitamin C: L-Hexuron (or Ethyl-L-Ascorbic Acid).  We have traditionally used just plain Ascorbic Acid, which is a great form of bioactive Vitamin C, but it is unstable: it degrades when exposed to air and water (aloe vera in our case), eventually becoming a possible irritant to skin.  It will also cause the whole product to darken with time. So, we have switched the Vitamin C to 3-O-Ethyl-L-Ascorbic Acid.  Ethyl-L-Ascorbic Acid is a superior Vitamin C derivative. It is very stable, and is easily converted to Ascorbic Acid by enzymes in the skin.  

    •PH Level.  The PH of the skin is around 4.7-5.5.  To interest of customers using the Crème Complete for Lichen Sclerous, the PH of the skin around the vagina is a little less.  Switching from ascorbic acid to Ethyl-L-Ascorbic Acid will cause the PH of the Crème Complete to be less acidic and closer to the actual PH of the skin as a whole, and also closer to the PH of the vaginal area.

    •Essential oils.  After consulting with about ten different companies, we found an organic skin care product formulator and manufacturer we connected with.  We let her tinker with our essential oil combination and selection, and we are switching the essential oils to a combination of: Ylang Ylang, Rose, Lavender (South African), Clary Sage, and Roman Chamomile. 

    •A natural preservative:  All water-based (and aloe vera based) creams are prone to bacterial, yeast, and fungal growth.  Up until now, we have relied on essential oils and the potassium sorbate (which comes in the cold pressed aloe vera we use) to act as the preservative in our products.  But a person can use a jar of the Crème Complete for months, possibly contaminating it with every use.  And as more people use the Crème Complete, we feel the need to be more intentional with making sure we provide a product that can withstand contamination. This is especially important for people who use the Crème Complete for Lichen Sclerosus.

    •Some essential oils contain compound(s) that are naturally antimicrobial.  One of those compounds is benzyl alcohol. One natural preservative formula that uses benzyl alcohol is NipaGuard® SCA. NipaGuard® SCA is a mild, natural preservative system that is approved by Whole Foods and meets COSMOS and ECOCERT (International Natural/Organic Product Certification) standards.  It is effective at very low concentrations.  This also means we can cut back substantially on the amount of essential oil in the Crème Complete.

    Ingredients: organic cold pressed aloe vera, grape seed oil, organic beeswax, organic vegetable glycerin, organic cocoa butter, natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) in soy oil, vegetable derived emulsifying wax, organic jojoba oil, safflower oil, organic castor oil, organic honey, organic lecithin, NipaGuard®SCA (natural preserative), vitamin C (Ethyl L Ascorbic Acid), n-acetyl cysteine, resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid, sodium bicarbonate, ylang ylang oil, lavender oil, CoQ10, cream of tartar, grape seed extract, xanthan gum, rose absolute, clary sage oil, geranium oil, biotin, vitamin D3, chamomile oil. Aloe Vera is 99.8% pure, containing less than 0.2% of potassium sorbate (a natural preserative,) ascorbic acid, and citric acid (for PH).


    • If using as a corrective for sun-damage use at least 2 times daily. 
    • With extended and extensive use the Crème Complete may cause sun-damaged areas to become inflamed, turn red, and to possibly peel.  Usually this is a good sign indicating that the abnormal skin tissue is responding to the cream.

    Daily moisturizer

    • To use as a mildly corrective moisturizer apply 1-2 times daily.


    • Apply 1-2 times daily to affected area


    • Apply to affected area 1-2 times daily.

    Lichen Sclerosus

    • Application frequency varies with lichen sclerosus. Customers who use the Crème Complete for lichen sclerosus will apply the Crème Complete™ anywhere from 2-6 times daily.  Depending on the severity and location of the condition some customers experience discomfort, while others experience instant relief.  Please read our customer testimonies for more detailed accounts.  

    Anti-Aging Cream

    Daily Moisturizer

    Lichen Sclerosus

    Actinic Keratosis

    Sun Damage

    Age Spots


    Concerning a Lichen Sclerosis Lesion, involving Perrin’s Blend and the Crème Complete, from Roberta in Ohio


    Hi Judy,

    Just writing to let you know the Perrins Blend and Creme Complete works wonderfully.

    I have a disease called Lichen Schelrosis, it is a disease of the skin that affects many women around the vulva area leaving lesions as it does it damage.  LS in itself does not cause Cancer but the Lesions it leaves behind can go into cancer and that was what happened to me over 2 1/2 years ago requiring extensive surgery in that area.  I was diagnosed with stage 2 Sqameous Cell carcinoma cancer and the doctor was able to remove all of that and was doing well till about a couple of months ago when I had noticed more lesions forming and not wanting to heal - that is the first sign that something is not right.  Not too anxious to go thru the surgery again I began looking and praying for God to lead me to something natural to use. I began searching websites for products and was drawn to your website twice.

    I had called you and talked with you about the product.   I found out that no one else that you knew of had used the cremes in the area in which I was going to.  But I decided to try it anyway because  I knew it was all natural and nothing was in it that would hurt me.  So I ordered some Perrins blend and creme complete and proceeded to use the Perrins blend at night because it is a little guey. I used the Creme complete during the day when I went to work to keep the high antioxidents on it all the time.  To start with the Perrings Blend did burn quite a bit the first fifteenn minutes after applying.  There was an initial burning for about 2 weeks then the more I used it the  less it burned and I could feel that it was making the lesions smaller and it was like pieces of the lesion were starting to flake off and the terrible itching that is associated with LS was not as bad.  I had went to my Doctor during this time frame and he had scheduled me for a Biopsy and to remove the lesion on May 15th of this year.  I told him that the lesions were starting to feel better, it didn't hurt to touch them anymore and I wasn't sure it would be necessary for him to do that,  but he insisted we proceed so I agreed knowing that it would also give me piece of mind to know for sure that the cremes I had been using were in fact working .  May 15th the surgery and biopsies were done at the Cleveland clinic and he told me it would be 7 days before they knew.  On the 7th day I was anxious to know so I called and talked with the nurse and she said the tests came back and I was a number 1 on the scale  -     zero being normal skin, 1 being low moderate risk, 2 being medium moderate risk, 3 being high moderate risk and 4 being cancer.  The nurse also made the comment she was sure the cremes I had been using were definitely working because I had dropped 2 points from the other biopsies that had been taken in previous months.  She said if she were me she would keep using those cremes. Also  when I had went back for post op appointment she had made the comment again before she left the room that I should keep using the cremes that there was definitely an inprovement. This is also the first time in the 2 1/2 years that he is going to let me come back to see him in 6 months rather than every 3 months.

     You can use this on your website testimony postings if It will help someone else.  Cause it sure helped me and healing from the surgery was not so bad - it seemed to heal fast and I also attribute that to the cremes.  LS is a terrible disease and no one knows what causes it yet and I have been told that not enough people have it to be a priority in finding a cure. So thank goodness for good caring people like you and your family.  God Bless you!!

    Roberta - Ohio


    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary


    Concerning a Lichen Sclerosis Ulcers, involving the Crème Complete, from Vicky in Australia


    I sent a testimony on my 85 year old mother in august 2013. She has lichens sclerosis like never seen by the Dermatology Department in Qld Australia. The disease was so bad it was almost unrecognisable s this particular disease which resulted in huge tropical ulcer type ulcers which were badly infected like raw flesh eating very large sores over extensive areas on lower back hips buttocks and vagina regions. It was the most painful dehabiliting thing I have ever seen. She was in hospital for 9 months with constant baths in condes crystals which were extremely painful. any water applied to these ulcers was beyond belief in the pain department as well as movement of any sort. Life was not much fun and on occasion she shut down her mind and we nearly lost her.  She was treated with the maximum doses of methatraxate and predisone both drugs wrecked her immune system she was contracted phnemonia, an eye infection which saw her close to losing an eye and left her with permanent scarring and loss of site, minor heart attach, Golden staff infection.

    Out of sheer frustration I began searching the internet for more information on this terrible disease. I read about many things people tried. I have a feeling God was directing me as Perrins Products shone out of my search. So with much prayer in my heart I ordered the Crème Complete. The Dermatologist first tried it on her arm to make sure their was ne allergic reaction. then he allowed it on an ulcer on her neck which had been their for a vey long time. This healed in three weeks. After a lot of pleading the nurses were allowed to use it on one ulcer on hip area. After it also began healing we final got the ok to use over the whole area. Healing began slowly. the nurses were amazed at the change in the ulcers daily and told me so. The doctor said it was doing no harm. Well enough healing took place to have her transferred to a nursing Centre closer to home. 9 months of hospital had left her extremely weak, loss of sight and very much bedridden. She has been in the centre for 3 weeks now. the Lichens Scerosis on her back and hips has completely healed. On the buttocks the healing is now allowing her to sit without pain and I have been able to get her into the car without pain and take her shopping and bring her home for a few hours each day. The vaginal areas are also no longer red weepy sores and the healing is amazing. The doctors are still say it is a combination of the drugs and the crème could be a part of that. The nurses in the nursing centre are using the crème complete extensively now everywhere and for the first time in 9 months she does not have any need for dressings and her skin is healed with only a couple of minor ulcers left to heal over.

    All I can say is since ordering the Crème Complete and applying it generously to the affected areas, my mother has come from completely bedridden and near death about three times in this 9 month period, to now being able to wear clothes again to move without pain, to go shopping an once again actually enjoy being alive. I never thought I would be saying that again, by the Grace of God I believe he has given my mother her life back using the wonderful products Created by Perrins. Right now I cant even begin to thank you for this product. I think we have used 8 bottles. We will continue using while finances allow. it is the best thing that has happened to my mother in the last 12months.  


    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary


    Concerning Lichen Sclerosus, involving the Creme Complete, from Suzanne in Florida


    Dear James, Jim, and Judy,  

    I am writing to thank you for sharing your God-given products with others. I have had amazing results using the Perrin's Complete [Creme Complete] for a condition known as Lichen Sclerosis. I had been reluctantly using steroid creams for 2 years with only marginal success, and frequent,painful exacerbations. I had been searching for something with fewer side effects, long term, and more effective pain relief. Imagine my joy in finding incredible and lasting improvement with use of Perrin's Complete [Creme Complete]! I did try the Perrin's Blend initially, but found the burning, in acutely excoriated areas, much too uncomfortable, so I switched to the Complete [Creme Complete}. I found almost immediate relief from the burning, and a much quicker reduction in symptoms, and now experiencing a full remission. I will never be without this "miracle"product" nearby,and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! May the heavens smile on you and yours,always.  Suzanne


    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary


    Concerning Sun Damage, involving the Creme Complete from Sherrie in Massachusetts


    Thank you for this wonderful crème [Creme Complete].  I had major sun damage on my hands and chest area and both are now clear and smooth.  My hands have not looked this good since I was in my twenty's.  I just ordered this for my father who has sun damage on his hands he is in his eighties and going strong. 

    Thanks again for this amazing product,


    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary



    Concerning Actinic Keratosis involving the Creme Complete, from John in Hawaii


    just a testimony if you want to post it: Two years ago in Hawaii (where I had lived on Maui for 10 years), after major pesticide exposure, the entire top half of my face broke out in Acetinic Keratosis. It was hard to believe what I looked like in the mirror. The next day, my dermatologist said it was AK very close to progressing to Basal or Squamous cell carcinoma (I forget which; either is possible) and set me up for photodynamic treatment (PDT)/5-fluorouracil, a chemotherapy agent – which I had to decline for health reasons. I found Perrin's Creme Complete online and have used it every day since – with no AK and no progression to skin cancer. I praise God for this product.– John F. W. PhD


    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary


    Concerning a Various Skin Lesions involving the Creme Complete, from Dawn in California


    Dear Jim and Judy Perrin,

    I just wanted to tell you that I recently ordered your "Perrin's Creme Complete" and will be ordering more of you fantastic products.  I have been using it on brown spots, a wart, skin tags  and red spots which I have on my arms and legs and face and what a difference it has made.  People have told me that "Oh, those things come when you get older"  or "They are from sun damage".  That may be true, but I wasn't going to accept it and let it go.  I don't know if they came because of meds was I taking or from my Kidney problems, but, I have to say that most of all of these things have dried up, dropped off, or even disappeared.  I didn't take pictures to testify the results of that particular product, but it is working.

    Thanks again.




    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary


    Concerning Basal Cell Carcinoma and Rosacea, involving Perrin’s Blend and the Creme Complete, from Pamela


    I have been faithfully using the Creme Complete twice a day on my face, and the Perin's Blend on my forearm and bridge of my nose daily. I had a rapidly spreading basel cell carcinoma on the bridge of my nose. Frankly, it did scare me a little as we do not have medical insurance and the prospect of have my face carved the way I scar was just not an option. I am happy to report the fast growing basel is now just a pin dot, and the two on my are are shrinking. I am so thankful to have found your site and products. I also deal with Rosacea, and the red bumps on my nose have completely cleared up. Many skin products have triggered the Rosacea flairs, so I am very limited on what I can use, and the Creme Complete is a super moisturizer and keeps my skin free of the rosacea flairs and skin cancers that could be.

    Thanks again and again for putting such a miracle product in a jar.


    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary


    Concerning a Lichen Sclerosus Lesion, involving Perrin’s Blend and the Creme Complete, from Eva in Norway


    Hello Judy,

    The order arrived to our adress here in Norway Septermber 24, and my daugther (18) started using Perrins Blend that very evening. At first using the product gave her a burning kind of feeling, but that stopped after a few days. 

    Some weeks before we ordered Perrins Blend + The Creme Complete from your store, my daugther went to see her doctor and he found out she had Lichen Skleroses and was given steroids as treatment.

    She was very depressed by the diagnosis, and so I surfed the Internet to learn more and look for alternative ways of treatment. Then we found and ordered your wonderful products. 

    My daugther has been using both creams every day since they arrived.  Two weeks ago, she went to her doctor again to check out how she was doing regading Lichen Skleroses. Her doctor didn't know anything about her using your products. After he was done with the  examination he called me into his office (my daugther was still there). He looked at us and said: " This must be some kind of a miracle . Your daugther doesn't have Lichen Scleroses at all. I don't understand it, so maybee I was wrong the first time she was here..."  He seemed a little confused about it all.

    My daugther looked at me and then told the doctor that she had used "Perrins Blend" and "Creme Complete" for about two months. He told us that he really  didn't believe in that kind of alternative treatment, but as long as no Lichen Scleroses was present any more he couldn't deny the effect...

    Now my daughter uses the Creme Complete almost every day and is feeling well.

    After I send you this message i will go to your internet store to make a new order of your wonderful products.

    Best regards,



    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary


    Concerning Lichen Sclerosus, involving the Creme Complete, from Brandie in Ohio



    My name is Brandie. I am composing this testimony by my own free will, and not for capital or monetary  gain.  I have been struggling with Lichen Sclerosus probably longer than I can remember. But it became severe in January 2009.I had all the classic symptoms: Itching, scratching, burning, bleeding,the  toad skin, and white marks on my vulva.  I had become so distraught I often wondered if I could have my female parts removed all together. I had tried EVERYTHING. First it was yeast infection creams,then anti fungal cream,then hydrogen peroxide,then coconut oil, then antibiotic ointment with pain relief because the pain was so bad it hurt to walk.I ordered Emu oil,Ozonated olive oil,both of the last two would soothe the problem for a short while so I went to the dermatologist and was promptly prescribed steroid cream.This made the problem much worse. So in a final desperate attempt I saw an ad for Perrins Blend in a sidebar on a search engine. I figured "why not?" and to my satisfaction and utter amazement! within 3 short weeks there are little to no symptoms of what has wreak havoc on my life! I ordered the Perrins cream complete at the advisement of a nice man who took my order.  He indicated to me that the regular blend [Perrin’s Blend] may be too strong for my skin.  Well let me just say to all who are in doubt.  JUST TRY IT! PLEASE TRY IT! I ordered my first jar on October 20th 2009.  And today November 16th I have my body back!  I sleep at night! I can wear pants! I am not ashamed for my husband to touch me.I will never be able to show my gratitude in words for Roberta who originally pressed the issue to try it out on herself as a guinea pig.  She is an absolute angel for being so generous with her findings! I spoke with Mrs. Perrin today and expressed how grateful I am for her combining these ingredients and sharing them with the world.Her response was "We take no credit" " God helped us to create it." Now how many corporate companies or Dr's are humble in this way? I think we all know the answer.  I will forever be a customer.

    God Bless.



    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary


    Concerning a Lichen Sclerosus Lesion, involving Perrin’s Blend and the Creme Complete, From Kathy in Michigan


    You truly have a marvelous product.  I have been meaning to send you a testimonial, but have not gotten to it as yet.  My condition was with Lichen Sclerouis. (Probably spelled this wrong.)  To make this brief, I had been suffering with this painful condition for about 2 weeks when I ordered your product. Had been to two doctors.  Then I had read many of your postings and found a couple that were similar to my situation so I ordered your product.  I had hoped to receive it on a Friday, but I did not receive it until the following Monday.  That Monday I could not wait to start using Perrin's Blend.  After only one overnight application, my painful lesions had "scabbed" over.  Something that after 2 weeks of applying a cortesone cream was still not healing, in fact, was getting worse day by day.  After 2 days I was totally out of pain.  No more of that razor blade feeling of splitting tissue.  After a week, it was gone. 

    I read many articles and testimonials and this condition and that it is considered chronic.  However, I have not had any relapse or any evidence that I will.

    Thank you so very  much!

    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary



    Concerning Lichen Sclerosus, involving the Creme Complete,  From Marc in Great Britain


    Hi James,

    I would just like to say how impressed I am with creme complete. My Lichen sclerosis has gone after using the product for just over a month. The White patches have not completely disappeared but almost there. Thanks, your product truly is special.



    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary


    Concerning Lichen Sclerosus, involving the Creme Complete, From Jo in Portland, OR


    Thank you. 

    I found your cream several months ago when I was researching Lichen Sclerosis. Thank God one person had sent you a testimony so your website showed up during my search. When I went back to the site to reorder I noticed you now have several testimonies. Feel free to add mine (keeping my full name confidential).

    My first symptoms were intermittent rawness and constant bladder discomfort. When outward symptoms appeared (white, rough and I looked like a head of cauliflower), my naturopathic doctor sent me to a gynecologist who diagnosed lichen sclerosis and gave me the steroid cream (Clobetasol). It worked but the symptoms soon returned. The prognoses for anyone on the steroid cream is grim--increased thinning of tissues until nothing much is left--and that's the good news! I've read horror stories from so many people for whom the pain and misery of the disease progresses in spite of the treatment. I have not touched the steroid cream for several months since I've been using Perrin's Crème Complete and I seem to be doing just fine. 

    I also successfully used it to eliminate a ominous-looking skin patch on my arm that was growing back after having it removed by a doctor a few years ago. 

    Other uses: this is the absolute best hand cream I've ever used. It makes my very rough hands soft and takes the discomfort of dryness away.

    Jo in Portland, OR

    I would love to discuss with other women how they use the creams (how often, how long after symptoms are gone, etc.). Have you ever considered adding a discussion forum on your website? That would allow us to share our information without the FDA accusing you of making claims (at least I hope it would). If the FDA ever considers messing with you, please let me know so I can buy a lifetime supply. I truly don't know what I would do without this stuff.  


    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary


    Concerning Lichen Sclerosus, involving the Creme Complete, From Diana in California


    hello, my name is diana,

    i would like to talk about how you have helped me so much,

    im a first time user of perrin's cream complete, i have only had the product for 2 day's and started using it on my lichen sclerosis, right away i felt relife, no burning , itching, and now i'm not even scratching and bleeding like i was doing.

    i have sever lichen sclerosis, i had two biopsy, from my doctor, and both times came up i had the disease, everytime they took a sample, it left me with a lesion, and i said no more, cause they didn't heal, and i was left been worst than i started.

    i have no sex with my husband, cause i get even worst scratching and bleeding.

    i have only used the perrin's cream complete, and what a blessing not to feel,like bug's are crawling in me again i felt instance relief right a way,please, anyone who is reading this, give it a try, i thank god i did, and i'm a prime example...... i can't believe  what it feel's like to have my life back again,it does work right away, and it stopped all my itchen.

    i will be ordering more, cause i don't want to be without it, i thank god for this miracle cream

    please let anyone who want's to read what i have to say about this go ahead

    i have suffered along time with lichen sclerosis.  (help is on the way with this cream        may the lord bless your product


    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary



    Concerning Lichen Sclerosus, involving the Creme Complete, From Jo in England


    Hi, I was diagnosed with a posteria prolapse, and while I was being examined for this the specialist found that I had Lichen Sclirosis.

    After my op I looked on the internet to see if there was anything I could find to help with L.S. and I found your website. I started with the Creme Complete and then tried the Perrins Blend, but found that the Creme Complete worked better on L.S.

    I went back 8wks later for my post op and my specialist could not believe it, He said " Jo you have no sign of L.S. your skin is healthy once again", he was so amazed that he asked me for all your details, so he could read about your amazing creams for himself. I would like to thank you all for this fantastic product, I am no longer sore, and have just got engaged, Thank you all once again.


    Exeter England.

    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary



    Concerning Penile Lichen Sclerosus, involving the Creme Complete, from Steve in the UK


    O.K. So I was diagnosed with penile lichen sclerosis about 12 years ago. Initially I was prescribed topical steroid ointments which appeared to alleviate the condition but didn't eliminate it entirely. Problem was that continued use degraded the quality of the skin around my frenulum and promoted BXO (Balanitis xerotica obliterans) resulting in a narrowing of the penile opening and a tendency for tearing and lesions to occur during sex. This had a devastating impact on my marriage and made subsequent relationships difficult.

    I gave up on medical interventions for this condition (To be clear: I am not denigrating medicine or drugs companies, I have many positive experiences of "conventional" drugs and medical interventions so this is not an endorsement of homeopathy, reiki, prayer, alternative therapies in general or any other kind of woo as a way of treating disease) so decided to research my problem, while treating it experimentally with benign topical and oral products.

    I used a variety of moisturising preparations, including Aloe Vera, Emu Oil, non-allergenic intense moisturisers etc. all of which helped the immediate condition but did not improve the base condition. I finally alighted on a proprietary vitamin cream available in U.K health stores which on balance had the best result and I used that for some while to control the problem. Unfortunately that product became difficult to obtain and a chance reading of the effect of vitamin D3 on auto immune conditions made me aware that this was the one ingredient that was missing to date. I found Creme Complete while looking for a better alternative, ordered some and have now been using this for a few months.

    This product has exceeded all expectations. Not only has it "managed" my condition, it has significantly reversed it. I no longer have difficulty retracting my foreskin, I do not suffer lesions or pain during sex, scarring and discolouration has reduced to the point where only I would notice where it used to be. In short I am back to normal and as close to cured as I ever hoped to be.

    Please note: I am a scientist, a professional skeptic an atheist and fierce defender of rational thought and the scientific process. I have absolutely no evidence that Perrin's products will work for any other condition than mine. However I have no hesitation in recommending Perrin's Creme Complete to Lichen Sclerosis sufferers. My personal experience has been life changing and there is good reason to expect the ingredients have a genuine therapeutic effect on auto-immune diseases of the skin.

    Hey Perrin's people, thank you, if you want to use this as an endorsement you are more than welcome.


    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary


    Concerning Lichen Sclerosus, involving the Creme Complete, From Allison in Florida


    I just wanted to write to you and let you know that your Creme Complete worked wonders on Vulva Lichen Sclerosis that I was diagnosed with several months ago.  In literally under two weeks it has gone away and my skin is almost 100% back to normal.  The OB today at my visit said there was one little white spot and that was it!  What a miracle!  I am purchasing more shortly and wanted to know if it's good to use on age spots / brown spots on the arms, hands, etc?  Let me know if anyone's had success with it there, and thank you developing a product that took care of a skin disease that the whole world and internet says there is no cure for.  There is a cure.... Perrins Creme Complete!


    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary


    Concerning Skin Lesions, involving the Creme Complete, From Lynne in New York


    Bless you all!!

    Where do I begin? I will start with my dad.He is 93 years old and had a squamous cell skin cancer about the size of a quarter on his head.He has had numerous spots frozen by his dermatologist over the years, however, this one grew very fast.It was too big to be frozen so off to a plastic surgeon for day surgery. Basically, the surgeon had to remove most of the tissue on his head since he kept finding cancer cells.The good news is , his head did heal and returned to normal.The doctor warned him about returning spots, which to our horror, returned. The dermatologist prescribed a cream, one tube costing hundreds of dollars, yes HUNDREDS, which his insurance would not cover.( We were not told this cream was a CHEMOTHERAPY drug!!! Found this out on the internet and decided he could not tolerate the side effects!)Praise God I found your  website!!! I ordered the Creme Complete since it had to cover a large area on his head. I applied it to the new spots and within DAYS they were !

    gone!! I know he cannot endure another operation on his head and this is just a miracle! Really!

      When I received the creme, I gave half to dad and kept the other half to try myself. I am 62 yrs old, have had skin problems since I was 11 with no diagnosis EVER. I have been to all the dermatologists within a 50 mile radius. They gave me a little sample tube of ointment which never worked and basically just gave up.I have had one major spot between my eyebrows since 1994.(the year my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer)NOTHING HAS EVER HELPED HEAL THIS THING!!! I don't even know what it is. I know it is not cancerous since I had a biopsy performed.Well, I have used the Creme Complete since Nov. 2012,3 months now, and it is mostly ALL GONE!!! It was layers of hard skin which would peel off but then either bleed or just ooze.The other ointments and creams would irritate it more.The layers of skin come off and just STAY off and heal. I just can't tell you how much better I feel about myself with this thing on the way out.Thank you, thank you from myself and my dad!!! Ord!ering more now!!!!

    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary



    Concerning Lichen Sclerosus, involving the Creme Complete, From Lynn in Georgia


    I just wanted to say thank you for advertising the cream complete for lichen schlerosus. I was diagnosed via biopsy several weeks ago and was prescribed clobetasol. I have used emu oil, diaper rash creams, vitamin e oil, everything. Nothing was working. I am very blessed that I don't have the itching yet, but I have extreme redness and burning. I also have LS on my rectum and it was in horrible shape. My skin was literally peeling away leaving it raw. I also had folliculitis on my buttocks from all the steroid and aquaphor use. I started using the cream complete a little over a week ago and it has already made the LS more tolerable. It burns at times when I first put it on but I am amazed at how much better I feel already. The folliculitis is completely gone and my redness and burning is getting better. Thank you so much for this product. I pray you never stop making it. I don't want to ever be without it. 

    There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary



    Concerning a reaction to medication, involving the Creme Complete, from Jerry


    Hi Judy,

    You're amazing. I received my order about noon today (Saturday) less than 48 hours after speaking with you. That's about as fast as I've ever received an order, especially via USPS. I started using your Cream Complete about 2 hours later. Here it is about 9 hours later and already my face is transforming from what looked like a hemorrhaging volcano to mostly some red splotches that I hope will soon return to normal color. The severe burning pain has stopped. When the doctor heard how severe my problem was he told me to stop the medication and use Polysporin to calm down my burning. I started using the Polysporin  Friday afternoon but it didn't help my burning and severe pain.  I had gone 18 days using a prescription cream called fluorouracil 5%. By the 3rd day of using it my spots he had burnt were bleeding and I thought my face was going to fall off. My skin turned red as a beet all over and my skin felt like wrinkled, crisp tissue paper and was so tender and burning I couldn't stand to touch it. I would splash cold water on my face in order to wash it. I did a little shaving with an electric razor, where I normally use a straight razor, because my skin was getting very flakey and thought I might do some serious damage. This Perrin's Cream Complete is going to be my saving miracle I hope. It's working much faster than I would have ever thought. My misery level has definitely gone down, almost away except for a little itchiness. I will keep you updated. Thank you for what seems so far to be a great product.


    Your grateful customer,





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    Key Ingredients

    Vitamin C - Ethyl L ascorbic Acid Skin Care

    Vitamin C - Ethyl L ascorbic Acid


    Alpha LIpoic Acid and CoQ10

    Alpha LIpoic Acid and CoQ10

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