Lichen Sclerosis Lesion, involving Perrin’s Blend and the Creme Complete, From Kathy in Michigan.

You truly have a marvelous product. I have been meaning to send you a testimonial, but have not gotten to it as yet. My condition was with Lichen Sclerouis. (Probably spelled this wrong.) To make this brief, I had been suffering with this painful condition for about 2 weeks when I ordered your product. Had been to two doctors. Then I had read many of your postings and found a couple that were similar to my situation so I ordered your product. I had hoped to receive it on a Friday, but I did not receive it until the following Monday. That Monday I could not wait to start using Perrin's Blend. After only one overnight application, my painful lesions had "scabbed" over. Something that after 2 weeks of applying a cortesone cream was still not healing, in fact, was getting worse day by day. After 2 days I was totally out of pain. No more of that razor blade feeling of splitting tissue. After a week, it was gone.

I read many articles and testimonials and this condition and that it is considered chronic. However, I have not had any relapse or any evidence that I will.

Thank you so very much!