Karen in OH

A red, abnormal patch of skin, From Karen in OH

I developed a red patch the size of a dime over 2 years ago on the lower front part of my leg above my ankle. It grew to a 4 inch diameter of a circle. I was under the care of a dermatologist during that time. I had three biopsies performed because they thought it had to be skin cancer. I had no symptons of dry skin yet the biopsies said that is what is was. During this time I used steroid cremes, plus various dry skin cremes, oral steroid pills, steroid shots to no avail. My cousin, Cindy Gorman, who had excellent results with Perrins Blend sent me a sample. I have been using the creme complete and nutura creme with good results. I wish I would have taken pictures because several people thought I had a motorcycle burn on my leg. The steroid cremes thinned my skin resulting with the doctor advising me not to use any longer. She dismissed me from her care this past December stating that "Perrins blend" has given me the best results and I should continue using this product. It is not completely healed, but it is 100% better than before. I have used Perrins blend since Oct 2009. I expect it to be completely gone with continued use. I am not sure how long it will take, but I had 2 yrs of it growing, so it might just take a bit longer to heal completely.

I would highly recommend your product.