Jerry in the Philippines

Mycosis Fungoides, From Jerry in the Philippines

My name is Jerry. I am a missionary in the Philippines teaching at Faith Academy.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with stage-two cancer called Mycosis Fungoides. It is a very rare cancer of the red blood corpuscles which attacked my skin. I had black mushroom-like wounds all over my body that did not allow sleep and made me utterly miserable. There is no known cure for mycosis fungoides except experimental radiation treatment using UV light.

On top of those black wounds, I was also experiencing other unknown, complex itch on my arms and hands which were not responding to any cream prescribed by specialists.

Then a new friend at church told me about Perrin's Products. "They use natural ingredients," she said. So I decided to order what seems best by looking at product descriptions on their website. I ordered Ultra Nurture.

To my amazement and those who saw what i was going through for many months, my hands cleared and so did my arms. All wounds or itches that were visible outside my body cleared so quickly and in two weeks, I felt relief - - relief beyond belief!

I also tried Nutra Cream to remove other blemishes and nurture the healing.

I would recommend Perrin's Products to the highest. I would give their product integrity a perfect 10, one being lowest.

May someone so miserable with unknown skin problems try Perrin's Products and find great healing. I believe Perrin's Products uses only true, unadulterated ingredients that have proven absolutely effective.

I have made this review on my own free from any string attachment but for the glory of God and what He has done.