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All Natural Industrial Lubricant and Erosion/Corrosion Inhibitor. 16oz
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The All Natural Industrial Lubricant, Cleaner, and Erosion Inhibitor.


For industrial and household use



A non-toxic, multi-purpose product that has, well, about 50 thousand uses -

Here's to name a few:


Cleans and Degreases

     Dissolves tape, soap scum, tar, and grease.


Dries and Seals Out Moisture

     Helps restore wet and flooded equipment.


Rust Solvent

     Penetrates locked hinges, gears, rollers and more.



     Fights corrosion and rust - Use it as a preventative.


Stops Squeaks

     And lubricates moving parts on machines and other mechanical devices.


Removes Adhesives

     Cleans tape residue and cleans surfaces.


Loosens Mechanisms

     Frees stuck parts.


Cleans Dried Grease.

     Dissolves solidified stove-top grease. 


Studies have shown that Glide-Eze50K has better lubricity​ than the leading industrial lubricant.
Plus, Glide-Eze is:
  • Non Polluting
  • Contains No Petroleum or Harmful VOCs
  • Safe for the Environment
While you don't know what's in WD-40,
We tell you what is in Glide-Eze50K
We have nothing to hide

The Ingredients:  ​Refined Vegetable Oil and Orange Oil







Glide-Eze50K isn't something most people would think a Natural Skin Care company would normally make part of their product line, but we are not the typical skin care company. We are a company that is interested in offering natural products that we believe in, and use ourselves.  We want to offer products that have improved our lives and in turn possibly improve other people's lives.


A little bit of history of Glide-Eze50K:

A couple of years ago we were asked to use a natural product that could presumably replace a conventional chemical based industrial/mechanical lubricant, and if we liked it we were asked to make it part of our product line.  We did use it, and we also gave it to other's to use.  We loved it, and so did the people we gave it to.  We began selling it.  The people who bought it loved it also.  


We eventually partnered with the person who developed the product and renamed the it Glide-Eze50K.  We added the '50K' because it has about 50,000 uses.  Maybe that's a slight exaggeration :)  but you can definitely find numerous uses for Glide-Eze50K. 

We tell you what is in Glide-Eze50K

Ingredients:  ​Refined Soy Oil, and Orange Oil



Environmentally Safe  •  100% Renewable Oils  •  Made in the USA   


Net WT 16 FL OZ  (.47L)

Directions:  Store at room temperature. Spray directly onto area, saturating thoroughly. Keep out of reach of children.




In case of eye contact, remove contact lenses if present, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes and consult a physician.  In case of ingestion, drink two glasses of water for dilution; DO NOT induce vomiting; seek medical attention.